Located just northwest of Montgomery, Autauga County is a beautiful community set at the Appalachian foothills with rolling land, mountainous outcroppings, and sloping valleys. The county, named for the creek that flows lazily through it, has numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation with a homey feel and a friendly environment.



Barbour county is located in southeast Alabama. Named for James Barbour, a former governor of Virginia, this beautiful expanse sits on some of the most pristine land in Alabama. Its eastern border is lined by the Chattahoochee River and further still, Georgia. Beautiful waterfront views and ample forests make Barbour a wonderful place to live.



Bibb county boasts an impressive proximity to major cities in Alabama; living in Bibb county puts you only 75 miles from Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Montgomery. Bibb county has managed to maintain its rural charms while still remaining close enough to city centers and I-65 & I-20/59 access points. Beautiful landscapes and clean outdoors make Bibb a perfect place to live.



Bullock county is located in the Alabama Black Belt region –  rich soil and land traditionally known for being great for growing. As a result, the county is home to one of the oldest public gardens in america, covered in field trial lands for experimental growing, and brings in loads of game for ample hunting. Bullock county is a beautiful, southern paradise.



Chambers county, named for United States Senator Henry Chambers, is located in eastern Alabama. The Chattahoochee River runs along its eastern edge and borders the county from Georgia. The rich soil of the river basin makes Chambers county a great farming location and an oasis for lush greenery, ample wildlife, and beautiful landscapes.



Chambers and Lee counties offer some of the best land this state has to offer. With opportunities for farming, hunting, fishing, and all other sorts of outdoor recreation, these two counties have everything needed for an outdoors-man’s dream without isolating them completely from Alabama’s greater metropolitan areas.



Located in the heart of Alabama, Chilton county is a farm-rich area with multiple landscapes. Mountain, prairies, foothills, and swamps make up the scenery of this Appalachian foothill area. Come visit Chilton county and get a taste of their renowned peaches.



Elmore county is located in central Alabama. Its close proximity to Birmingham does not, however, diminish its southern charms and history. The landscapes are beautiful and the communities of Elmore offer the best you’ll find in southern hospitality. Wetumpka, the county seat, is rich in history and waiting to be explored.



Lee county boasts both heavy forests and vast farms. Auburn and Opelika are centrally located in Lee county and both offer a small city feel far apart from that of Montgomery or Birmingham. Auburn’s surrounding  farms and far stretching forests make it apparent why its been dubbed “The Loveliest Village on the Plains.”



Lowndes county is located in south central Alabama, just south of the state’s heart. The county has a dated history in farming and land that’s been served to this purpose for years. Lowndes county was named for William Lowndes, a United States congressman of South Carolina.



Macon county is located in east-central Alabama. Its county seat is located at Tuskegee which is also home to Tuskegee National Forest. Macon county is a rural county with parts undeveloped land, back country wilderness, and nationally protected forest. Macon county offers good farming as well as outdoor adventuring.



Monroe county is located in the southwest portion of Alabama. Named for the fifth President of the United States, James Monroe, the county has been dubbed the “Literary Capital of Alabama.” Notable writer, Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird, claims Monroe as her birthplace and as such, draws much tourism to the area.



Montgomery county is located in the eastern central part of Alabama and is home to the state’s capitol. Surrounded by farms and lush forest, the city of Montgomery is an ideal place for anyone to purchase land. The close proximity to the city and easy interstate access means you won’t find yourself completely isolated, yet still have the luxuries of a night on the town, if you so choose.



Pike county is located in the south eastern portion of Alabama. The county gains its namesake from General Zebulon Pike, a soldier in the War of 1812. Pike County is home to Troy University and though this college is located here, it has done nothing to diminish the county’s homey charms and southern hospitality.



You’ll find Russell county bordering the Chattahoochee River with Georgia even further east. Russell county is deep rooted in tradition. With tradition southern attire events and plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation, Russell county makes any day feel like a blessed day to own land in the Alabama south.


Clay County was established on December 7, 1866 from land taken from Randolph and Talladega County. Named after the famous statesman Henry Clay, the county seat itself was named after his estate in Lexington, Kentucky called “Ashland”. Clay County was formed for geographic reasons. During the antebellum period, the land was characterized by small farms of less than 50 acres with corn being the major crop. — The county remains one of the most rural and sparsely populated counties in Alabama. Natives of Clay County include Supreme Court Justice Hugo L. Black, Alabama Governor Bob Riley, and Commander Joe Edwards, Jr., U.S. Navy Astronaut.



Situated on 44,000 luscious acres of unspoiled land, Tallapoosa county is beautiful. Home of beautiful Lake Martin, there is always something to do in this beautiful southern paradise. this county offers a variety of amenities Historic landscapes and family recreational opportunities are just a few of the amenities you’ll find when you live in Tallapoosa. Whether its farming, hunting, fishing, or spending a day on the lake, you’ll always find something to do in Tallapoosa.


Escambia County, Alabama is located along the Florida State line in Southwest, Alabama. With excellent highways located in and near the county, rail service and major shipping ports within an hour, Escambia County is the ideal place to locate a business. Escambia County was organized and established after the American Civil War. — In the 20th century, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians organized to gain recognition as a tribe, and established a government under a written constitution.  It is the only federally recognized tribe in the state.

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